Leila Sharifi

Dr. Sharifi holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Islamic Azad University of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Tehran, Iran. Her doctoral research was centered around the “Preparation and Evaluation of Insulin Nanoparticles” with a specific focus on using cationic Beta-cyclodextrin and chitosan derivatives to improve the oral delivery of insulin.After completing her academic journey, she gained valuable experience in the pharmaceutical industry, accumulating seven years of diverse roles, including Research and Development (R&D) expertise and Quality management.Her passion for research led her to join Professor Chaudhuri’s lab within the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences as a PhD student. Her current research is dedicated to the complex domain of “Molecular Modeling of AAV Capsid-Capsid Interaction.” In this cutting-edge field, she investigates how various factors, such as salt concentrations, surfactants, and shear stress, influence AAV capsid interactions.

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